AlphaNet and Multi-Module VoIP Licenses

  • Makes larger STENTOFON AlphaCom exchanges by using multiple exchange modules
  • Made for Critical Communication over IP - CCoIP®
  • Up to 4 exchange modules can work together in a multi-module exchange
  • Redundancy mode support
  • Very easy installation
  • Modular and cost-effective

The STENTOFON AlphaCom multi-module function makes it possible to increase the capacity of an exchange by adding up to four AlphaCom exchange cabinets together in a multi-module. The multimodule exchange acts as one node with full integration of all features. In the multi-module exchange one of the modules will act as master module and the others will be slave modules. The multi-module exchange supports redundancy mode. In case of master-slave communication error, the slave module will fallback to work as an individual exchange serving calls between stations connected directly to the exchange module. The system is very easy to configure – simply enter the IP addresses of the slave modules and connect the modules together via an IP switch. A license is required in the ACM master module. The license is linked to the hardware id (MAC address) in the master module and open up 30 VoIP channels in each ACM module.

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